Car Show Registration

Car Show Registration

Car Classes Include:

(A) Modern Muscle (1985 or Newer Cars & Trucks)

(B) Antique (Pre-1954 Cars & Trucks)

(C) Unrestored Original (Pre-1985 Cars & Trucks)

(D) Restored to Original (Pre-1985 Cars & Trucks)

(E) Convertible

(F) Muscle Car

(G) Street Rod (Pre-1948 Cars & Pick-ups)

(H) Modified/Custom Cars after 1948 (Non Stock)

(I) Pick-ups/Sport Utility/Jeeps (Stock Pick-ups & Other Jeeps & SUVs)

(J) Modified/Custom Pick-ups (Non Stock)

(K) Special Interest

(L) In-progress/Unfinished (All Years Cars & Trucks)

(M) Corvette

(N) Motorcycles

(O) Imports 

(P) Rat Rods

(Q) Studebaker

Registration and Payment:

Car Show Registration
T-Shirt Size
Car Class (A - Q from above)
Year, Make, & Model

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