2020 Registration Form

 35th Annual Depot Day - The NO SHOW, CAR SHOW

Saturday May 9, 2020 - A little different this year...

Registration Fees go to the NP Depot Museum Foundation, which relies on this event to stay open.

This is Part 2 of the Registration Process:

$15 Registration Fee will be paid as a 2nd part of the registration process.  

Not sure which class to enter?  Click Here for a Class Definition or select your class at the registration table.

Your form has been successfully submitted! Now for PART 2 - Payment. 

PayPal may have you complete some information that you've already provided, we appreciate your taking the time to complete everything.

(A) Modern Muscle  (1985 or  newer Cars & Trucks)

(B) Antique (pre 1954 Cars and Trucks)

(C) Unrestored Original (pre 1985 Cars and Trucks)

(D) Restored To Original (pre 1985 Cars and Trucks)

(E) Convertible

(F) Muscle Car

(G) Street Rod (pre 1948 Cars and Pick-ups)

(H) Modified/Custom Cars After 1948 (Non Stock)

(I) Pick-up/Sport Utility/Jeeps (Stock Pick-ups & Other Jeeps & SUV’s)

(J) Modified/Custom Pick-ups (Non Stock)

(K) Special Interest

(L) In Progress/Unfinished (all Years Cars and Trucks)

(M) Corvette

(N) Motorcycles

(O) Imports

(P) Rat Rods


Car Show Registration
Car Class (A - Q from above)
Year, Make, & Model

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