Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Museum

Winterfest at the Center of the Universe 2017

NPR Depot, Wallace, Idaho

December 28, 29 and 30, 2017

The Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Museum is excited to participate in the Winterfest at the Center of the Universe. We have arranged for events to contribute to the festive nature and cultural education in Wallace.

Thursday, December 28th, we will start an Idaho Humanities Council granted program, Strong Women in Wallace, with a Lana Turner movie, Sea Chase co-starring John Wayne. The adventure takes place on the high seas during the time of U-boat attacks. The movie will be shown at the Sixth Street Theater in Wallace. Popcorn will be available. Nancy Hanks will conduct a discussion after the film concerning Miss Turner’s role in the movie and her work in Hollywood.

There are a number of strong women in Wallace and the Idaho Humanities Council has supplied us with a generous grant to honor these women who settled Wallace. Please look out for other events honoring the women in Wallace. Please share your stories of strong women in your family too.

Friday, December 29th, the NPR Depot will open the museum to the public with pictures of the Pulaski Trail in snow. We promise a spot of wine and nibble of cheese as these images cycle. We hope you will take the two-mile hike on snowshoes or in warm boots during the winter months. The scenery is undeniably beautiful year round.

Saturday, 3:00 p.m., December 30th, join us for a talk by Ron Roizen, "Searching for Ed Pulaski".  Mr. Roizen is developing a profile on this Forest Ranger and hero of the Great Fire of 1910. Mr. Roizen uses his skills as a historian and researcher to unearth the fine details of a great man’s life in Wallace. Co-sponsored by Jim See, President of the Pulaski Project.  Refreshments will be served in the Women’s Waiting Room at the NPR Depot Museum.

The Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Museum is a seasonal operation facility in downtown Wallace. We offer the public a look into the transportation history in the Coeur d’Alene Mining District from 1887 until the 1990s. We give you the chance to ring railroad bells, answer a candle stick telephone, tap out SOS on a telegraph, power up the N-scale model train and light up a NPR Depot model. There are always new exhibits in the NPR Depot, come see us.

Remember the Rails---Come play with Trains!

The Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Museum is a not-for-profit organization. We encourage you to make a donation to the facility to support this great icon in Wallace. More information can be obtained by calling, leave a message (208) 752-0111 or email


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